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Manicure • $28 | Pedicure • $38

All our weight and pressure is balanced on a few square inches of our body – our feet. We have thanked our feet by cramming them into uncomfortable shoes and doing nothing to take care of them. In fact, located along the bottoms of our feet, are areas that correspond to each and every organ in our body that help to cleanse our whole system. These pressure points are what reflexology and pedicure treatments are all about. Now is the time to give proper thanks, so kick back, relax and treat those feet to a deluxe pedicure!

How do you say hello? A hand shake? A high five? A wave? A Nameste? Your hands are the first thing you offer to a stranger when you greet. First impressions can last a lifetime. Let our Que Manicurists create a memorable impression for you. Put your best hand forward and experience a few well deserved moments of pure bliss. I’m not kidding. Your hands deserve a makeover because of all the unthinkable things you make them do. Come to Apotheque Lifestyle Spa. And show them a good time – dress them up, make them sparkle and shine.