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The Future of Intelligence

The Ascendance of Soft Skills in the Digital Age

With machines replacing human physical labor, and computers replacing logical thinking functions, the future of humanity may rest with the soft skills and abilities that make us most uniquely human: intuition, imagination, creativity, empathy, compassion, wisdom and awareness.  This presentation applies the five levels of the Mind model from ancient Yoga philosophy to evolutionary trends and new possibilities being spawned by today’s exponential growth in artificial intelligence. The program includes exercises for developing these higher levels of the mind.

Sunday October 23rd at 2:00 to 5:00 pm

with Dada Nabhaniilananda (The Monk Dude)

$20 PER PERSON Space is limited - reservations recommended!

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Experience a powerful transformation with Dada Nabhaniilananda, The Monk Dude. Through his The Enlightened Leader keynote, Dada transforms organizations and individuals with the power of mindfulness and meditation.

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Dada Nabhaniilananda, also known as The Monk Dude, is originally from New Zealand. He has been a yoga monk and meditation teacher since 1979. Author of 'Close Your Eyes & Open Your Mind - a Practical Guide to Spiritual Meditation' and winner of eight international song writing awards, his unique talents have brought him invitations from all over the world. Dada currently lives in Los Altos Hills, California where he runs the Ananda Marga meditation center and teaches a course in Meditation at UC Berkeley, California.

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The Enlightened Leader Project - Connecting to Love, Creativity and Wisdom through Spiritual Meditation.

The Monk Dude Speaks at Facebook 2014.

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