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The power of touch been passes down through centuries and various culture to calm, comfort, nurture, and aid in the bodies healing process. Stories of the healing power of human touch have been carried through generations, compassing different subjects and challenges, yet the technique is ever present. Release your stress within the skilled hands of our professionals.


An exfoliation treatment is a great way to shed your first layer of dry skin, leaving with renewed, soft, supple skin. Out with the old - in with the new! An exfoliation before any other body treatment will help to increase body circulation allowing for optimum cellular rehydration and deeper penetration of the enriched moisturizers. Not to mention it feels amazing!

We carry a variety of different exfoliates to match with your personal needs. Whether you have dry skin that needs a heavy exfoliation with nourishing oils, or delicate skin that needs a gentle polish - we have what you need! If your skin doesn’t take well to fragrances, don’t fret! Some of our body buffs are fragrance free. Once you book your appointment come in a few minutes early and our front desk coordinator will point you in the right direction for your unique treatment.

Body Wrap

In the hustle bustle of today’s world, when was the last time you laid with warm goo all over your body, wrapped like a baby in a blanket with nothing but the soft sounds of music and a cool compress on your face? Never? Well that just has to stop.

The body needs down time and rejuvenation time. Sleepless nights? Early to rise? Late to bed? Too much on your mind and cant seem to shut the voice off? You are simply doing too much. You need to relax and allow the body’s natural cycle of healing to take place. Let us help you give some time to yourself to do nothing but unwind and enjoy a much needed revitalization.