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Let’s get to the point. Our bodies, much like cars, are our vehicles that carry us day after day - need a tune up every once in a while. Acupuncture utilizes tools that can do just that. Very fine, sterile, disposable needles are painlessly inserted just beneath the skin and can quickly reduce pain and inflammation as well as promote healing from injury or disease. Needles??!! Forget what you’ve learned about needles thus far, this is a totally different experience! These are hair thin and some twenty or more could fit into a traditional hypodermic needle.

This holistic system of medicine has been around for quite some time and is making its way into the mainstream, and rightly so as it harnesses the body’s own potential for healing and seeks to bring it back to a state of balance naturally. Whether you are suffering from an injury, chronic pain, digestive issues, sleep difficulties, allergies, stress management, common cold/flu, you name it… or are looking to function at your optimum and maintain wellness, acupuncture can help.