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The face of tomorrow must still face today. To help you put your best face forward we offer mindful practices for authentique results. Our personal questionnaire will help determine your skin type. Mature, dry, oily, combo, sensitive, normal, balanced or skin with issues. A Que facial mentor will customize your facial treatment and your products.   


1. Being the only one of its kind.

2. being without an equal or equivalent.

3. YOU! 4. Apotheque Life Fitness Spa.

You are special and YOU deserve the very best! You have a lifestyle, shape, color, size and skin type that are all your own. In fact, your size, shape, opinion, skin type and preference for something may change from week to week , from hour to hour, or minute to minute!

That is why we at Apotheque have formulated a customized questionnaire to address just the right body, facial, hair, fitness and nutritional regimes that are right for your needs wants and desires at any given moment. Our treatments and products are guaranteed to go beyond your skin   They awaken your senses and caress you with enticing essences, wonderful tactile sensation and vibrant color therapies. Choose one that best fits your mood and the moment. Remember …

Viva La Difference!  Variety is definitely the spice of life!

Our spa treatments are not only therapeutic but are also the joy of self- indulgence.  Take time to take care of yourself.  Walk through the door of Apotheque Spa and enter a time warp semblance of old.  A simpler time of natural remedies and personal customer service. Apotheque is man/woman’s attempt to heal thyself, using all of tools nature has to offer.   Enjoy the renewing experience of our thallassotherapy ( ocean mineral treatments), phytotherapy (plant and botanical extracts), balneotherapy ( taking of the waters), aromatherapy ( use of essential oils from plants and flowers) and body therapy with massage techniques to address all that ails you.  It is the culmination of hundreds of years of therapies from all parts of the world, under one roof.


The power of touch, it crosses all time and cultures, the laying on of hands to calm, to comfort, to nurture, to aid in healing. Stories of the healing power of human touch have been passed down throughout generations, encompassing differing subjects and challenges, yet somehow the healing power of human touch is ever present…healing the unimaginable. Release your stress within the skilled hands of our professionals..


All our weight and pressure is balanced on a few square inches of our body – our feet.  We have thanked our feet by cramming them into uncomfortable shoes and doing nothing to take care of them. In fact, located along the bottoms of our feet, are areas that correspond to each and every organ in our body that help to cleanse our whole system. These pressure points are what reflexology and pedicure treatments are all about. Now is the time to give proper thanks, SO kick back, relax and treat those feet to a deluxe pedicure!


Sit back and let a Que facial mentor nourish and renew your skin,

equipped with all the techniques necessary to formulate and create

your custom treatment regime using botanicals, vitamins, minerals,

nourishing ingredients and heaps of good intention.


Feeling disjointed and out of alignment? Pull yourself together and get a massaahhge. We designed our massage therapies after countless hours of massages. No need to be jealous, you too can try any and all of the different modalities to soothe your soul and your tired aching body.  Try our Que massage – the perfect blend of Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Sport and Deep Tissue. Our therapists will listen to your needs to give you the Que massage.


Get grounded… Being grounded starts with ones roots, where you anchor yourself, where your foundation begins but does not end. Like the branches of a tree, we all need to reach out and grow.  Striving to find our place under the sun.  What exactly do we mean?…Here at Apotheque we are grounded in our community… We are rooted in our commitment to being good stewards of our ecosystem…We reach out in our agreement to give…We are anchored by our ability to work as a team and deliver our best… Our foundation is our belief that each individual is unique… We  grow in our desire to share our love of health…

We strive to find our Que to happiness. Got Que?


Cultivate the upside of you…the either…the mind’s eye… the third eye …

the eye of the tiger…Eye yii yi yiii…you know what we are talking about…that  mindful massage…What’s your cup of tea…a mental relaxation in our patio lounge, or a cup of coffee and mental stimulation from one of our Que note speakers. Our website and monthly newsletter will keep you up on the

latest and greatest in health and nutrition.


You are what you eat….or maybe what you metabolize…every human being

reacts to food in their own unique way… let Apotheque  help you get away from the DIET and onto a lifestyle you can live with and that can live with you… Our Que nutritional experts will put you on the path to your personal  goal… …give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime…let us teach you to fish for your lifetime… the phenomenal encouragement of our Que nutrition mentors will give you the support necessary to achieve your health goals, and the tools to sustain it.


maybe it should be move it or don’t lose it…Our Que fitness experts know

how to get you going…keeping it fun and uniQUE…a workout geared to your fitness needs that are custom to you. The options are unlimited…a walking group , beach boot camp, or maybe marathon training…we provide the tools to meet  your dream…We believe that motivation doesn’t last forever…So we are here to provide it daily…Our Que fitness crew will keep you on your motivational toes…providing that extra little push to get you to your personal best…believe in the transformation you can achieve…we do…the evidence is overwhelming.